I'm going to put a master directory here.
And then everyone will say,
"woah, that's a lot of content."
That'll show them. Show them all.
But for now, it's just a page.


date title source
2020-07-01 How To Hate native
2020-06-24 Accidents of Birth native
2020-06-20 We Will Suffer native
2020-06-16 The Excellence of the Andros native
2020-04-06 Weininger's Equation native
2020-03-12 Reviewlets I native
2020-03-10 Review: MoDaoZuShi native
2019-07-21 Review: N&M native
2019-07-02 Review: X native
2019-06-20 Review: Manie-Manie native
2019-06-17 Review: Texhnolyze native
2019-06-15 Review: Kotetsujo no Kabaneri native
2019-06-14 Review: Itoh triple-feature native
2019-01-28 Rendering 148 Minds
2017-09-10 The Dreaming Death Minds
2017-07-23 Gondola thinkpiece Minds
2017-07-05 The Truth Minds
2017-06-22 On Wise Men Minds
2017-06-13 The Feminine Death Wish Minds
2017-06-12 Invective againgst the Ideological Minds
2017-06-11 Self Enduring All Minds
2017-06-10 Crimes of Opportunity Minds
2017-06-07 Bleeding Heartless Minds
2017-05-28 On Pedagogy Minds
2017-01-30 Power beyond Ozymandias Minds
2017-01-28 Paradise Forsaken Minds
2017-01-19 The Transcendental Minds
2017-01-07 The Problem of Scale Minds


date subject source


date filename source
14/owo/88 nicegif.gif i dunno
1945/08/06 mhsj.webm some weeb shit
AA/AA/AA tachyon.webm internal monologue